Answering the questions “What are your numbers?,” “What are you doing differently this year?,” “What new strategies are you trying to generate interest?” year after year can leave you feeling a little drained.

I know. I’ve been there. As a former Vice President of Enrollment Management and H·A ThirtyOne client, I always looked forward to receiving The Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas publication. For me, it breathed new life into my office and provided me with a much needed energy boost at just the right time of the cycle.

Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas

This year, it’s been my pleasure to work with this publication in a different way. Karyn and I have enjoyed many powerful conversations with schools around the country. Conversations that unveiled really great ideas, clever strategies, and proved to us once again that enrollment and marketing folks are not afraid to break the mold and try something unique. We uncovered some incredible ideas for this year’s publication and threw in a few bonus ideas of our own. We’ve unveiled these ideas and are sharing copies of our annual booklet.

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Here’s to the best!