Cutting together the May episode of 31Minutes gave me an earworm of the song “Just Breathe” (the Faith Hill one), but TV’s “One Day at a Time” theme would fit much better (the 70s version). Our guests’ thoughts and advice about May 1 in the world of college admissions, in part, echoed these lyrics:

“This is it. (This is it.)
Straight ahead and rest assured you can’t be sure at all.
So while you’re here, enjoy the view.
Keep on doing what you do..”

Successful enrollment leaders tackle work volume, shifting institutional priorities, and changing generational behaviors one day at a time, while they continuously address process improvement, marketplace opportunities, and team building.
Enrollment professionals deal with indecisive teens, parents stretching to make it all work, and quipping coworkers (Schneider) popping by every now and then to fix something, usually the database.

Our May guests talk about all these things and provide some useful words of wisdom about how to “take it like it comes, one day at a time.” You won’t regret this 34 minute listen (yes, we had to go over 31 this time because the content is too good) featuring interviews with Ken Anselment (VP for Enrollment and Communication and Dean of Admission, Lawrence University); Adam Castro, (VP of Admissions, Mercy College); Jimmie Foster, Jr., (VP of Enrollment Planning, College of Charleston); and Sherie Gilmore-Cleveland (Director of Admissions, Mills College).

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Our HA ThirtyOne team whipped up some special bonus content for you to share with your team. Download our May 1 PDF, offering additional comments and key insights from the episode!

May 1 Ideas & Extras