“Who shares wins.”

That’s our philosophy.

Sharing ideas is what it’s all about. We love idea-storming with you, our colleagues—over coffee, on campus, during planning sessions, on conference calls, on our 31Minutes podcast interviews, and at our special Ideastorm events.

And that’s what you’ll find here…ideas.

From our annual Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas publication to white papers, research, and info-bits of interest. We hope you’ll share your ideas, too.

Recent Presentations

Download copies of our recent presentations or supporting documents for your own review. If you’d like to use one of our slides in your presentation or share one of our resources, please ask!

Creating a Podcast: H·A ThirtyOne Thinksheet

The 2021 SACAC Conference featured HA ThirtyOne’s session, “Podcast to Tell Your School’s Stories and Attract New Students,” with two podcast pros – Start and Go’s host, Archie Tucker, of Alabama A&M University, and 31Minutes co-host, Karen Black, of HA ThirtyOne. Before you start your own podcast, check out the session’s “thinksheet” full of tips and ideas for making your effort a success.

Presenters: Archie Tucker, III, PhD, Vice President for Marketing, Communication & Advancement, Alabama A&M University; Karen Black, Creative Content Strategist, H·A ThirtyOne

Thinksheet Request Form:

The Best Enrollment Marketing
Ideas 2018-2019

Every year H·A ThirtyOne scans the enrollment marketing landscape to find the best ideas. Some are big, some are small. Ideas come from some of our partner institutions as well as schools we haven’t worked with…yet. And, some ideas are still to be put into action (but are just waiting on that innovative school to take the leap).

Great for:

  • Getting your own idea juices flowing.
  • Opening a creative session with your team.
  • Presenting new ideas to fellow campus leaders or your President/Provost.
  • Gaining consensus (and budget) for trying new things.

Best Ideas Request Form:

We first encountered the “who shares wins” philosophy when we met artist Katie Ries in Knoxville, TN. She was conducting a clothing swap and screen-printing workshop at The Birdhouse (another shared resource). We watched her creative endeavors work to grow community and her inspiring talent for seeing common things in new ways. Ries is now Assistant Professor of Art at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. Lucky them. Who Shares Wins is also the title of a song by Good Clean Fun. It works for us.

Art Credit: PROPAGATION by Katie Ries