We take the stress (and the copy/paste) out of search.
Marketing campaigns, tailored to specific high school student populations at specific times, form critical admissions pipelines. It is one leg of the journey from prospective student to enrolled student. We leverage a variety of channels to strategically connect and engage with students, opening new pipelines and strengthening existing relationships.


student search & campaigns
Junior · Sophomore · Freshman Search Campaigns
The most productive senior yield campaigns are built from pipelines that cultivate meaningful relationships with younger student groups one, two, even three years before their own college searches begin. Our multichannel, highly-personalized search strategies targeting juniors, sophomores and/or freshmen are as specifically tailored to the unique needs of each cohort as they are to the unique needs of each institution.
Senior Search & Application Push Campaigns
Even the most selective institutions conduct senior search, but only the most effective institutions do so with consideration to the varying stages of awareness and motivations of students. Whether built from inside a school’s CRM or on our own platform, our senior search and application push campaigns successfully generate high yields year after year through exceptional creative and strategy.
Visit Campaigns
Everyone knows that the chances of yield increase significantly if a student (and family) visit campus. Our visit campaigns effectively leverage opportunities to experience campus – whether virtual, in-person, or both – to heighten impressions, engagement, and yes, visits.
Affordability Campaigns
Whether it’s a general campaign targeting a wide audience or a campaign specifically tailored to the concerns of one group, we have proven, multi-channel strategies designed to mitigate the perception that an institution is out of reach.
Awareness Campaigns
Differing from search, awareness campaigns are engineered to raise general recognition for your institution, and may involve better articulation of specific brand attributes for your numerous audiences. Leveraging a variety of channels, including news media, social, streaming, and outdoor advertising, our campaigns to build awareness around an institution can be as general or specific as needed.
Yield Campaigns
Yield campaigns focus on helping admitted students take that next crucial step – depositing and enrolling. From integrated parent communications to admitted student communications that provide students with the confidence that your institution is their institution, yield campaigns engage multiple channels and address the various obstructions to “yes.”
Melt-Prevention Campaigns
In the marathon that is admissions, seasoned leaders know that even after their team has secured a strong and sizable class, there’s still the potential for melt. We work with partners to develop meaningful engagement strategies to prevent melt and provide a smooth transition for your future students.
Graduate School and Program Campaigns
Prospective students in the market for graduate and certificate programs can be harder to reach, but we have extensive experience generating leads and guiding our partner institutions to maximize their own access to organic leads. We help launch new programs to capacity, develop new pipelines for existing ones, and invigorate growth for graduate schools with strategic, multichannel campaigns.