Your brand, our expertise.
Every organization has a brand, but it’s not always clear just what that brand is or how best to represent it. Whether it’s something as foundational as developing logos and typography and their underlying rationales or overseeing the marketing and reputation of more mature brands, we have the tools and experience to help our clients make the best possible impression among their peer institutions and constituents.


Style Guide Development
Most schools have existing logos and marks, but many are in need of original or updated documentation for how they should be used. We can develop everything from typography, font, and color foundations to PowerPoint templates and social media guides to ensure your institution is consistently represented on all fronts.
Logo Development and Creation
Some schools may have existing logos that are in need of a modernizing refresh. A new office or initiative may need a unique logo developed completely from scratch, while still remaining true to the core brand identity. We consult with stakeholders to develop strong, meaningful graphic identity systems that will compellingly carry your institution’s brand far into the future.
Brand Development
Unless it is a wholly new initiative or endeavor, you probably already have a brand. But how that brand is articulated, visually conveyed, and most importantly, lived out and stewarded, can benefit from some TLC. We help our partner institutions recognize their most authentic and effective brand characteristics, and from that solid foundation, execute comprehensive programs of brand development.
Branded Experiences
There is perhaps no more compelling way to delight a client’s end users than by providing them with a complete experience that works on multiple levels and just feels right. Our extensive portfolio of branded experiences includes fully-integrated messaging across print, digital, and in-person platforms in innovative ways that skillfully extend the meaning of an institution’s brand.
Integrated Marketing Initiatives
As important as it is for each member of an organization to be working from the same style guide, it’s only one part of what goes into executing successful integrated marketing initiatives. We help keep your marketing efforts on track by encouraging internal collaboration between divisions and the careful coordination of messaging initiatives so that outgoing communications support rather than undermine each other.
Reputation Management
Leveraging a variety of partners and tools, we have the expertise to monitor and assess social and news media channels to see what’s being said about a school and make recommendations for how best to manage any potential issues. We love ideation with our partners to structure innovative community and corporate alliance marketing opportunities.