What’s next?

At this point in the year, we know most schools have the full court press on for finishing out the 2018 enrollment cycle. Enrollment and admissions teams are also thinking about the year ahead – how to be more effective and how to innovate. It’s a perfect time to spur some new ideas, and The Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas is a perfect place to start.


What will you do differently?

See how The University of the South took a different approach to its communication flow to better reach all of its many audiences.


How will you help students see your true, authentic self?

See how Tulane University used social media to get noticed in a fun, unique way.


How will you reach your goals?

See how Reinhardt University aligned its Student Search with the cycle of its prospects.


There’s a lot to think about, and we’re happy to provide you with some incredible inspiration as you move forward. Each year we search far and wide to find the most original and exciting concepts and compile them into our annual publication, The Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas. In this piece, you’ll find unique ways of enhancing your school’s online presence, distinctive techniques for reaching students with your communication flow, and motivation for creating a tangible and memorable campus visit experience.

It’s available for download and will be the focus of my presentation at NSCEC in July. I hope to see you there and share these ideas. And I want to hear some of your institution’s great ideas, too!

Ginger Hansen, H·A ThirtyOne’s Director of Enrollment Solutions, is a higher ed pro with experience both inside and outside the academy. Schedule a meeting with Ginger at NSCEC or a time to talk solutions for your institution.